Marketing Made Simple website example

by | Aug 26, 2021

Hey all today, we are going to be taking a look at the principles inside the books: Building a StoryBrand and Marketing Made Simple. Both of these books are written by Donald Miller. This one is co-written with Dr. JJ Peterson. Maybe you’ve read these books, you understand the principles and how they can help you, and create really clear marketing for your business. Or maybe you’ve been to and taken the marketing made simple course. If that’s you, we’re going to give a really practical application of the principles that you learn there and how we applied them to and specifically a service that they offer called Profit First. Now, Rob is a Profit First Certified Master. He’s also a Business Made Simple coach. My name is Nathan, I’m a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Rob asked me to build his site, and write the copy. Obviously, we are following the principles inside of Marketing Made Simple and both of these books. Let’s break down the copy and the strategy behind the content. You can get a really clear understanding of how you should structure your page so that people actually engage and take action.

So, right at the top here, we’re trying to answer three questions. What do you do? How does it make my life better? And how do I buy from you? Right. This is the only section of this page that people are guaranteed to actually look at because it’s the first thing that pops up, which makes it the most important part right. You can see “Profit First: transform your business into a money-making machine.” If you apply Profit First, you’re going to help us “transform our business into money-making machines.” That’s how you know, they’re going to help them. And it says here “We help business owners take control of their finances with the Profit First System.” And you can see here, “schedule a call”. That’s how you do business with them. “Schedule a call” You’ll see that eight times on this page. You’ll see it over and over. And in the background here, we’re showing a picture of some business owners who are smiling, happy, looking successful, and look like they’re in control of their finances and their business. That’s kind of the aspirational identity that every business owner wants to be. We don’t want to be stressed out and constantly fiddling with papers and receipts and behind on our taxes. That’s not why we started businesses. And so we’re using an image to communicate that.

Down here you can see three benefits to doing business with Rob. You’re going to be able to “know your numbers at a glance”, “get financial security and peace of mind” and “pay yourself what you’re worth.” So right off the bat, we’re painting a picture of what life could look like. If you schedule a call with Rob and implement Profit First.

Down here in this next section, we start talking about the problem that we’re here to solve. And this is actually a quote from Mike Michalowicz’s book, Profit First. Maybe I should have mentioned that at the top. There’s a book called Profit First. It’s written by a guy named Mike Michalowicz. If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey’s envelope system, it’s similar to that, except we use checking accounts and we’re setting aside profit so that we limit our expenses. Anyway, I’m not going to get too far into the details of Profit First, but it’s a great system.

I actually follow this system for my business. I would highly recommend it. And Rob can help you set it up if you’re looking for that. Anyway, “your business is an out-of-control cash eating monster.” It’s a funny quote, it’s from the book, but it’s true. It’s so easy to overspend and spend all your profit. “Painful, right? It hurts because it’s true. Countless business owners are stuck in a trap of unprofitability and they’re constantly hustling and yet they feel like they’re not getting ahead. The reality is if you don’t have an accurate understanding of your cash flow, then you can’t run your business wisely. It leads to overspending, a lack of profit, burnout and financial ruin. Having a clear picture of your business’s financial health is crucial to your success.” So, he’s talking about the problem and what’s at stake if you don’t have a good understanding of your business’s financial health.

And then the solution to that is this Profit First System. “The Profit First system will help you know your numbers at-a-glance, pay yourself what you’re worth, get financial security and peace of mind and limit your expenses and destroy debt.” And then each one of these, you can see three out of these four I mentioned up top. Why did I do that? Because marketing is an exercise in memorization, and I want people to memorize the benefits of implementing Profit First into their system and hiring Rob to set that up for them. So, “know your numbers at-a-glance. Bank balance accounting. Understanding your cash flow has never been easier. Get financial security and peace of mind. No more lying awake at night, wondering where the money is going to come from.” Ooh, any business owner. You’ve probably felt that before at some stage in your business. “Pay yourself what you’re worth. You’re in business to thrive, not just survive. You work hard and deserve to be paid for it. Limit your expenses and destroy debt spending. Spend more intentionally and give yourself boundaries and a plan to pay off debt.” Fantastic. And then again, you can see two smiling, happy, successful business owners that look like they are loving life. Now that they’ve implemented the Profit First system into their business.

Down here is a picture of Rob, so that you can see who you’re dealing with. And you can see that he’s also a Profit First Certified Master. Right here, he’s just showing us a little bit of empathy. “You’re not alone. Running a business is hard. And in our experience, the biggest challenge business owners face is understanding and managing their cash flow. You don’t need that kind of stress. Thankfully Profit First makes cash flow management easy. We’re going to help you set it up so that you know, you’re doing it right.” Oftentimes, people read the book, Profit First, and it makes sense how they would implement it, but they get stuck. Basically, I didn’t know how to implement Profit First myself. I understood the value of it, but I didn’t want to do it wrong. That’s who Rob is speaking to here. We’re going to make sure that you’re doing it right. That’s a big deal. Obviously, there’s this “schedule a call” button. You’ll see it again, “schedule a call, schedule a call” over and over.

This next section is a plan section. We’re going to just give people three simple steps to move forward. “Getting started is easy. Schedule, a call. We’ll learn about your business and lay out a plan so that you can start using Profit First. You can expect this phone call to last about 20 minutes.” I love that he’s actually mentioning the time so that I know how much time to set aside for this call. “Sign the proposal. We’ll send you a proposal, detailing everything that we’re going to help you with. All you’ll have to do is sign it and we’ll get started. Couldn’t be easier. Start Profit First. We’ll walk you through which accounts to set up and figure out what percentages need to go into those accounts. And we’ll make sure that you’d get it right.” If you’ve read Profit First and you’re not sure how to do it yourself. This is speaking your love language right here. And again, “schedule a call.”

This next section has a couple of testimonials from folks who have actually implemented Profit First. I’ll read this one here. “I was constantly worried about taxes; where’s the money going to come from? It was stressful. Thankfully, Rob helped us set up Profit First for our business. Now we’re setting aside money for taxes and we can see the profits we’re making too. If you’re on the fence about hiring Foncannon Tax Financial Services, just do it. It’s worth it.” Derek Ward from Arrow Termite and Pest Control. So you can see that this is a problem, solution, result type of testimonial. Very strong. Basically, we asked these folks some questions and we’re able to collect testimonials based off of their answers. He’s talking about a problem. The problem was he was worried about taxes, how it made him feel stressed out, what happened next. Rob helped him set up Profit First and now they’re able to set aside money for taxes and they can see what profits are making. Problem, solution, results. It’s great testimonial again, showing satisfied, happy customers in the background. It’s a great way to demonstrate visually what success your customer is going to have if they do business with you.

The Foncannon difference. Here we are just spelling it all out in paragraph form. Then we’ve got a lead generator, something that someone can drop their name and email into and download it. It’ll solve a problem for them. It’ll position Rob as an expert in that field. And he’s able to follow up with them later on. Again, smiling, happy, successful people running their business. And then we’ve got the junk drawer down here. This is all the links and contact information and even a one-liner down here, an elevator pitch. All right, we will see you next time later.