How to StoryBrand your website

by | Aug 18, 2021

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Hey, y’all, my name is Nathan and today we are going to be breaking down the content and the strategy behind the content on This is a website we launched last Friday and it’s following all the principles that you would learn on the Business Made Simple University marketing and messaging courses.

So right off the bat, our goal here at the top is to answer three questions. What do you do? How does it make my life better? How do I buy from you? Those are the three questions that they need to be able to answer really quickly. And right here you can see in our headlines, “everything you need to take control of your business finances”–that’s how he’s going to help them.

What do you do? “Accounting and payroll , tax planning, Profit First, business consulting services.”

What do I need to do in order to buy from you? Schedule a call- you can see he’s going to be repeating this call to action over and over, in fact, you’ll see it nine times on this site. So he’s repeating it over and over and over so that people understand this is how you move forward-you got to schedule a call.

Now we know when people go to your website, that they have a problem and they’re hoping you can help them solve it. But not everybody who goes there is necessarily ready or in a place where they can start taking care of that problem, right? Or maybe they’re interested in you, but they’re not ready to do business just yet. So what Rob is doing is he’s offering a free ebook: “Five Secrets to Cutting Your Tax Bill.” Somebody can click on this, and it will take them straight down here, where they can get a free download. They can just drop in their name, email address, hit download and it’ll be sent to them in an email. And it’s great because it solves a problem that they have as a customer. And it also positions Rob as an expert; somebody who gives really great advice. And also it allows him to follow up with them later on down the line.

So , you can see we’re using images to portray what success looks like. You notice there’s not a big picture of a cat here. There’s not a picture of Rob’s building. No, Instead, we’re showing a successful, smiling happy business owner. Someone who is confident and looks like they’re in control of their business, right?

And then you’ll see right here, in this next section, this is called the value prop section. We’re mentioning three benefits to doing business with Rob. If you work with Rob, if you hire him, “you’re going to get reliable financial data”, which is going to help you “make informed decisions” and make and “keep more money.” So this kind of paints a picture of life is good.

This next section is what happens if you don’t take care of your business finances-you’re going to run into “financial nightmares.” “Running a business is one thing, running a profitable business is another without a clear picture of your business’s financial health. Everything you’ve worked for is at serious risk and the stakes could not be higher.” And then he mentions just a handful of negative consequences if you get this wrong, right? He’s just reminding people that you can’t afford to mess this up. Don’t mess this up. Because you can get surprised by “massive tax bills”. You can land yourself in “excessive debt”, which just kind of hamstrings your limits, your options, and puts you up against the ropes. It can lead to “stress and fatigue” and “depression, being overworked and underpaid.” A lot of people feel that way. If you’ve run a business, it’s because if it’s not profitable, you’re going to feel that way. It could be a “failed business dream,” something that you really cared about, it could lead to “layoffs and financial ruins”, not just for you, but for other people as well.

You’ll see throughout this site that we’re using headlines, section headlines, we’re using limited amounts of texts, really small amounts of text, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. And we’re using bullet points. And we’ll use icons as well. So you can see like these little X’s, these are just kind of little icons that make it a little bit easier to read, you’re going to see there’s lots of whitespace throughout the site, so that it is really readable and doesn’t feel cluttered.

So in the first section, life is good but maybe if you don’t have these things taken care of life is not quite as good as it could be. Here’s the solution. “Say goodbye to money stress. Get reliable financial data, get clear, accurate and reliable financial data without the headache. We’ll run the numbers so that you can run your business. Make informed decisions. No more guessing,no more crossing your fingers or denying reality. Know the facts and you’ll be able to make wise decisions. Make and keep more money. Get a clear tech strategy, limit your expenses and become profitable immediately. You’re in business to thrive, not just survive. Get security and peace of mind. Instead of waking up in the middle of the night because of a financial nightmare. You’ll sleep well knowing that you’re on the right path.” Call them to action again, schedule a call. And you can see an image of somebody who’s running a business and is not stressed out of their mind. They look like they’re happy to be there and glad to be a business owner.

You’ll notice too, that these talking points, at least these three out of the fou,r I mentioned up here, why did I do that? Why did I repeat myself? Well, the reason I did that is because marketing is an exercise and memorization. We want people to memorize the problem that you solve, and the solution and the benefits that they receive if they do business with you. So we’re repeating it. And you can see we’re using icons, so just try to drive home that point.

This next section right here, Rob is just talking about what it’s like to be a business owner. “As a business owner with a full plate dealing with financial records can feel like an overwhelming burden, the mess of papers and spreadsheets and looming taxes.” And this is ironic, but the more successful you become, the bigger the problem gets. It’s true. “Let us take care of it for you. We want to help you take control and stay in control of your business finances, don’t put this on the back burner, any backburner, any longer.” Schedule a call. And he’s mentioning here, “you shouldn’t have to be a financial guru to run your business.”

Most people probably did not become probably didn’t start their business because they love accounting and numbers and document documenting and invoicing, and taxes. You know, they probably didn’t start a business because they love those things. That’s just something that kind of comes along with it, right? And so he’s saying you can do the part that you enjoy and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have to be a financial guru to run your business.

The next section here he’s talking about how easy it is to work with him–getting started is easy, says it right upfront. “Step one- schedule a call, step two- execute the plan, step three-experience control.” And step one, he says we’re going to “learn about your business and start developing a plan to get to where you want to be. Keep running your business, we’ll do the heavy lifting.” So he’s saying it’s not going to be a real burdensome process. Just schedule a call. “Execute the plan. We’ll create a plan and walk you through each step. You’ll never be in the dark. And we use simple, easy to understand language to explain everything.” You kind of get that impression as you’re reading through this, because he’s not talking over your head, he’s making things really simple for people to understand. And the success down here is “step three. Imagine what it would feel like to absolutely know that your business was in good financial health. Together, we’ll make that a reality.” Schedule a call.

This next section Rob talks about a handful of the services that he offers: “accounting and bookkeeping, profit first business consulting, payroll processing, and tax planning and preparation.” He’s using icons for each one of these things to make a visual cue. He’s using headlines and just a little bit of text underneath. That keeps it really simple, light, and easy to understand. Nobody wants to read a dissertation on your website, certainly not on your homepage. So we’re keeping it really scannable because we know people aren’t going to read in depth on your homepage.

And then this next section, he’s talking about clients, here’s some success. Here’s what your business could look like if you do business with Rob Foncannon. “Not all accountants are created equal. In the past, I felt like I had little control over my money. Who did I owe? How much was coming and going? I couldn’t get a hold of my accountant to get a straight answer. Working with Foncannon CPA Group has been the total opposite experience. I feel like I’m going in the right direction now.” This is fantastic. You can see he’s talking about a problem, a solution, and the results -even in the testimonials. So it paints a really clear story. I’ll let you read through the other ones.

Foncannon difference. This is basically just kind of spelling it out. If you didn’t get a clear picture of what it was like to work with them, this will do it for you.

Here’s where they can drop in their name and email address. Here’s some other links that are important. But you’ll notice that we did not clutter up the header. A lot of websites, they’ve just got like 50 links up here, you’re not really sure where to go. We kind of removed those options, we condensed them. These are still links that are important that people can access but it’s down here in the footer. Along with this one liner: “8 out of 10 small business owners are stressed out and headed towards financial ruin. At Foncannon Tax and Financial services, we help them become profitable through better financial management so that they can build the business of their dreams with peace of mind.” This is his elevator pitch right here.

Then we have his contact information. If you need help, feel free to reach out to Rob Foncannon, he is a Business Made Simple Certified Coach , and I’m Nathan Hall, a Certified Storybrand Guide. I can help you build websites and create clear marketing and messaging.