New client information form

New client information form
Full name
I often worry about whether I will be able to make payroll in the coming month.
Do you or your accountants perform an annual financial audit to see if there is money being wasted in the company?
Do you often feel like there is equipment laying around your office or software and subscriptions that do not get used?
Are there other people on your team who share the mental burden if revenue is not where it is supposed to be?
Do you have someone who identifies and resolves revenue-related issues promptly?
Do you have a monthly meeting in which you review a forecast of the coming month's anticipated revenue?
If you are the owner of the company, do you pay yourself a salary?
Are you ever surprised by a tax bill and find yourself without enough money to pay the bill?
Do you keep at least five or six months worth of overhead cash on hand as a rainy day fund?
Does your team get a bonus or profit share when the company does well?
Do you have a plan to instill an ownership mindset in your current or future team members?
Do you have competitive compensation packages to help with recruiting and retaining better talent?